Blogging Case Study: Starting A Blog And How To Make Money From It

This is a case study that you may be interested in if you have ever thought about starting your own blog.

  • It costs so much to start a quality blog in Ghana
  • Making a substantial income (money) from blogging in Ghana is very difficult
  • Ranking websites from Ghana is difficult
  • Producing quality content is difficult
  • Ghanaians are not interested in educational content. They like more of entertainment contents
  • Managing a blog and having an 8-4 job is difficult

These and many more concerns of a number Ghanaians is the inspiration that has push my team and myself to start this particular case study.

Are those assertions true and even if they are, is there a way to go about them in order to succeed?

How easy can one blog and still hold unto their permanent job?

Will I be able to make money from managing a blog?

These hypothesis are what we will be working with.

On that note, we are launching a new blog to use as a case study for the above hypothesis.

I will be documenting the journey from how we started the blog through to when we start making money from it.

At any point in time, I will duely inform you (if you are interested in following this case study) about every action that we take.

The blog is going to be a medical blog where health related stuffs will be posted.

If you know anything about health you know that creating content for such a website requires a lot of expertise. So how are we going to pull it through? I will share those with you too.

The url to the blog for this case study is: https://wapomu.com

This evening, we are going to launch the blog and make it available to the general public.

The content on Wapomu.com is geared towards getting the right information about health to the general public. They are therefore written with simple language and easy to understand.

It will be a website where you can find answers to all your health related questions. Some of the categories that we will be blogging on include:

  • Medical conditions
  • Fitness
  • Medications
  • Beauty
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Medical Advice
  • Medications

If you are interested in knowing the outcome of this case study or following up on this journey, then join my private Facebook group IKRATE COMMUNITY since I will be posting the updates in the group. Click on the link below to join


The launching of the website will take place during the third lesson of the Content Creation masterclass which comes of this evening at 7PM. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, click the link below to sign up.


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