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Content Ideas: Why You Struggle To Come Up With Them

Have you asked yourself why you are struggling to come up with content ideas?

I can’t help but imagine how frustrated you look at times when you sit behind your computer or phone, staring into it and not knowing what to write about.

You have been doing endless research but to no avail. The number of tabs you have opened are even uncountable but you still have not made any progress.

If this describes you then I have some good news for you. However, if you are just starting out and yet to face something like this then I am here to help you so that you don’t face a similar situation.

I used to be the guy who will wake up and start researching thoroughly for content ideas. After several hours of research, I will still be confused about what to post. 
The simplest reason why that happened to me and is probably happening to you or you are probably going to face it in the near future is because we end up swallowing the wrong pill of advice. 

What advice am I talking about now? 

Here it is: If you want people to engage with your content, then you have to put out quality content. Have you heard that piece of advice before?

The impression that you end up getting from this advice is that if the content idea you have is not the best then you can’t post it. Well, why will you post it if it is not the best?

Logically, this advice is sound and worth paying attention to. However, practically, this advice may end up crippling your creative ability because you become overly worried about how to put out quality content.

Now let me tell you have I got a shift of mindset from this advice I had gotten for several years even before I started writing. 

Gary Vaynerchuk, the content machine himself, was once asked a question. “When it comes to content creation, which is better Quality or Quantity?”. 
The answer he gave to this question changed my whole mindset about content creation. According to him, in content creation especially when you are just starting out, quantity supersedes quality.

Before you jump up to argue with his point of view on this, let me throw more light on it. The explanation that I am about to give you is draw from his own explanation but mainly because I have come to realize that, that is the whole truth.

When you talk about the quality of the content you are writing, then there has to be someone to judge whether it is quality or not. So the question is who judges whether a particular creative piece is quality or not?

Did you get an answer to the question?

Are you aware of the common saying that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”? That is exactly what goes on in the creative industry. The quality of whatever content you put out is not determined by yourself but rather by your audience.

There may be a few standards or guidelines to help you when you are putting out the content but those wouldn’t necessarily make your content of the best quality. In fact, as Gary Vee said, quality in the creative industry is very subjective.

The only thing which is not subjective is quantity. For the same piece of write-up, some of your audience may see it to be of quality while others may not deem it so. But if you write a lot of articles, no one can argue about that.

Most importantly, the more you write the better you become. As such, you have to try and write as much as possible. After putting out so much content, you will be able to use the analytics of your posts to tell what resonates with your audience the most.

Once, you identify that you will be able to double down on those kinds of content and produce more of them.

So instead of worry about the best content ideas, you can as well write on the very ones that you have already come up with. The problem with coming content creation is not being able to come up with them but not being able to develop the ideas you come up with.

And the basic reason why you are likely not developing the very ideas you have gotten now is that you are overly worried about whether it will be of good quality or not.

Starting from now, pay attention to the fact that quality is subjective and you do not determine whether your content is quality or not. Thus, go ahead and create as much content as you want. Your audience will decide which of the several ones you have created is quality then you go learn from that and produce more quality content.

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