Exposure Births Experience

Understanding that the right experiences can open doors is crucial on your journey toward success. It’s pivotal to focus on cultivating the experiences your future self will need to realize your dreams.

During today’s livestream, I delved deeply into the concept of reflection and understanding the gap between our current selves and the future state we aspire to. Recognizing what your ideal future looks like is the first step; the next is taking confident strides toward it.

This begins with understanding what’s needed to reach that future and making consistent progress toward it.

The key variables bridging your current state and your desired future are time and experience. Thus, beginning to accumulate relevant experiences now is vital as you trust the process and await the right moment for them to bear fruit.

Gaining experience first requires exposure to the areas you wish to gain proficiency in. Determine the experiences necessary for achieving your future state, and intentionally immerse yourself in them.

Continuous exposure gradually translates to experience. Let me share a personal example: I aspire to be a speaker at events and conferences, captivating audiences with ease.

Acknowledging this future state, I am making incremental progress toward it by hosting daily livestreams, delivering talks, and motivational speeches. Exposing myself to a similar environment to my future state, albeit not on the same scale, I’m gradually honing the skills my future self will need.

Another vision of mine is becoming an author of multiple best-selling books. This necessitates proficient writing skills. Identifying this as a future goal, I sought exposure to the art of writing to build experience and enhance my skills.

Consequently, I commit to writing daily, regardless of length or topic, enhancing my abilities with each passing day.

So, if there’s something you aspire to do in the future, now is the moment to expose yourself to it, gaining firsthand experience whenever possible. Always bear in mind: exposure is the mother of experience.

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