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How I Became a Better Writer

When I was younger, I didn’t like writing at all. Math and science? Loved them! But subjects that involved lots of reading and writing? Not so much. Sure, I got good grades in those subjects, but I just didn’t enjoy them.

Now, things are different. I’ve written hundreds of articles online, and millions of people have read them. So, what changed?

A memory from high school helps explain. There was a classmate who teased me because I wasn’t great at speaking English. Even though I was doing well in other subjects, my English wasn’t the best. I wanted to get better, especially since I was worried about my final English exam.

Lucky for me, a senior colleague offered to help. He gave me essay assignments. After I finished, he’d review them and give me feedback. He even encouraged me to use a dictionary when writing. Soon, I was carrying a dictionary and my essays everywhere. My writing improved a lot! I started getting much better grades on my essays. Even though I hoped for an A on my final English exam, I got a B, which was still great for me.

Before starting university, I made my first blog. That was in the year 2014. Over the years, I’ve created various blogs and written on many topics. Looking back, all those years were preparing me to be a better writer. I just wish I had written more consistently, I believe I would have been even more prolific than I am now.

Today, I’ve been writing daily on my website for a whole month. It’s like a public diary where I share my thoughts. When I think about the past month and my journey, I realize practicing consistently and learning from great writers helped me improve.

So, what’s the secret to becoming a better writer? Practice regularly and learn from the best!

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