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Making Money On The Internet Is Possible But…

In 2013 when I discovered that people could actually make money on the internet I was so excited about it. 
Who doesn’t like this kind of money? And if I could make money just by spending a few moments on the internet why won’t I give it a try. Without wasting much time I started hunting for some of the money. Any opportunity I got to surf the internet, I wanted to know how I could make money off it.

At least that is the story they sold to all of us. There is no hustle, just surf the internet and you will make money from it. So the question I want to ask you is, how many times have you made some money just by surfing the internet? 

After 5 years of using the internet, I still had not made a single dollar directly on the internet. Because of this I also joined the caucus of people who believe that the idea of making money on the internet was a hoax.

During 2018, I was hard up on cash and I needed money so bad so I decided to stretch myself to also make some of this easy money. I went two (2) weeks focused on research and putting into practice what I found out. I discovered so many ways, some promised quick returns.

Some of the means I came across include: Just read emails to get paid, watch YouTube videos, and get paid, play online games, and get paid, and many others. As hungry for money as I was, I tried out all these that I came across but they were to no avail. No money after two weeks of doing nothing but searching for money on the internet.

The painful part was that for some of them, I had to convince other people to do join because I was promised payback if others joined. One example of this that I remember was about a particular game. If you refer others to download the game you get some points and when you play and win you get some extra points. Eventually, the points will be converted to dollars for you.

I did all I could but not even a dollar did I make. So, is it really possible to make money on the internet?

Let me give it straight to you, it is possible to make money on the internet but it is not a get rich quick scheme. 
All legitimate means to make money on the internet involves some form of investment. You have to invest one or more of the following:

  • Your time
  • Your energy (knowledge & skills as well) 
  • Your money 

Over a long period of time, people have sold the idea of getting rich quick schemes over the internet and a lot of people have been scammed out of them. 
Because of these happenings, a lot of people have lost trust in anyways or methods used to make money from the internet. 

Interestingly enough, 2020 has sold the idea of making money on the internet to all and sundry and now there is much interest in it again. 
Cast your minds back, during the lockdowns in various countries you know that a lot of people lost their jobs but on the other hand, a lot more people amassed riches for themselves. 

Which category of people was able to make money during a total lockdown? What do you think? 
Most of the people who were able to make money during the period had something to do with the use of the internet. 

Even though during the lockdown some essential services like Healthcare facilities were allowed to run, there are some people who do not offer any sort of essential services but were also able to make lots of money only because they were marketing on the internet. 
This goes a long way to buttress the point that making money on the internet is possible. 

The truth of the matter as I have originally stated is that you won’t make money overnight. You have to sweat a bit. 
I know that if I ask you whether you would like to make money on the internet, your answer will be a big YES. 

I have therefore changed the question to: Are you ready to put in the work and the right investment to make money from the internet? 
Did you say YES to the question? 

Alright then, just note that once you have agreed to go this route to make money on the internet it means you are ready to spend some time to learn the nitty-gritty of the game. 

You can’t win a soccer game without a strategy. In any game of soccer, the team with the best strategy and preparation wins. 
The preparation stage may take some time but the timeline is different for everyone. Also, your level of investment is proportional to how long it will take you to become a Master. 

This also applies to marketing on the internet. There are a lot of opportunities to making money right from your smartphone or computers and I will delve into this in subsequent posts. If you don’t want to miss that then join my newsletter so that you get all my posts right in your email.


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