My Journey from Disliking Books to Becoming an Avid Reader

If someone from my childhood days had predicted my future love for reading, I would have laughed it off. As a child, I was deeply engrossed in mathematics, reveling in the satisfaction of solving complex problems. Reading, especially lengthy texts, felt like a chore.

While I excelled academically, my grades clearly reflected my preferences: high scores in logic and math and just passable ones in reading-intensive subjects like history.

Fast forward to the present, and I’m a voracious reader, delving into diverse topics from psychology to business. So, what sparked this transformation?

Much of the credit goes to my high school, Ghana Secondary Technical School. The school provided us with supplementary readers each term, and examinations included questions from these books. Being a top-performing student, I had no choice but to read them meticulously.

A pivotal moment came in my final year when I secured second place in a regional mathematics competition. Among my prizes was a book by John C. Maxwell on leadership. Though a quick read, it was packed with insights. I was so inspired that I began seeking out more of Maxwell’s works.

On one such quest, I stumbled upon “Know Your Limits and Ignore Them” by John Mason. This book opened my eyes to the vast knowledge contained within written words. I further explored the world of audiobooks and came across a story from Maxwell himself.

He spoke of how his father incentivized him and his siblings to read. It struck me: if reading could empower and enlighten, why not embrace it?

That realization was the catalyst. Although the transformation was subtle, spanning about four years, it was profound. By the end of those years, I had unknowingly become a consistent reader.

In retrospect, I believe the journey to loving reading starts with a single captivating book, which gradually nurtures the habit. If you’re seeking to develop a reading habit, begin with one intriguing book. Over time, you might find yourself as engrossed in reading as I am today.

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