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Navigating the New Wave: The Rise of AI and the Tech Innovator’s Path

I recently finished watching OpenAI’s devday 2023 opening session, and I would like to share my thoughts on how young technologists like myself should position ourselves for the imminent future.

  • There was a time when websites became crucial, and every company or individual eventually had their own. Similarly, there came a period when mobile apps surged in popularity, with everyone developing an app for various purposes.
  • During those two periods, people profited by creating websites and apps that were in high demand.

We are now entering the era of AI, where everyone will begin developing AI tools. These tools will become as common as the mobile apps we see on the Play Store and App Store today.

In the website or mobile app booms, the technical complexity meant only a handful of technologically adept individuals could create these products and dominate the market.

This era, however, is somewhat different. The leading AI firms are concentrating on establishing the infrastructure and platforms that enable virtually anyone to build powerful AI tools.

One example is what OpenAI introduced today with GPTs.

Soon, anyone will be able to construct their own custom ChatGPT and distribute it on the GPTs store, which I anticipate will mirror the functionality of an app store. I believe that the other key players in the AI revolution will soon launch their AI tools stores where users can create and sell their custom AI tools.

If everyone can build tools, who will use someone else’s? This question might occur to many of you, so let me address it.

The truth is that even with such creative power available to everyone, we all have different needs and ways of spending our time. Not everyone has the capability to develop ideas into finished products, nor does everyone desire to engage in that process. Thus, there will always be two categories of people: producers and consumers.

As a young person in tech, I advise you to choose to be a producer. Don’t just consume what others create; build something for others to consume.

The iPhone excels at photography, yet iPhone users still hire professional photographers. Why is that?

What advice do I offer to you and myself?

Since technical expertise will no longer be a significant barrier to entry in the next tech revolution, we must identify factors that can truly distinguish us in this new era.

For me, the key differentiator will be the ability to analyze problems and devise innovative solutions, despite the risk that others may replicate your ideas. More crucially, mastering the art of persuading people to adopt your solution is vital. Therefore, the ability to foster an engaging community around a product that addresses real-world issues in an innovative way will be the hallmark of success.

Another significant factor is the first-mover advantage. Hence, learning to think quickly and act swiftly is crucial. By being the first to offer a product that addresses a widespread issue, you may capture a significant market share.

So, what is the path forward?

  • Stay abreast of technological advancements.
  • Cultivate innovative thinking and problem-solving for real-world challenges.
  • Learn how to build communities around your products.
  • Master the art of persuasion.

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