No Knowledge is a Waste

Something you learned years ago, which you never thought could be useful in your life, might be the very reason you are where you are today. Believe it or not, no knowledge can be deemed wasteful.

There will be times when you feel that a particular subject being taught has no relevance to your life. You might be right, but I wager you’d only be right as long as you haven’t found a use for that knowledge.

The application of knowledge is considered wisdom. To be wise, you first need to be informed. More importantly, what you learn now may serve as a foundation for understanding subjects you encounter in the future. Your grasp of current topics might be influenced by what you’ve learned in the past.

As they say, you can only connect the dots looking backward, so don’t dismiss what you’re learning now. Even if you struggle with current topics, don’t regard them as entirely useless. Once you’ve been introduced to a concept, do your best to absorb as much as possible. Exposure to information (knowledge) shapes your worldview and significantly influences how you live your life.

Remember, just because something seems irrelevant to you now doesn’t mean it will always be so.

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