Before you begin the rotations

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Ehoneah Obed

After your fifth year, and during the long vacation before the sixth year, many students wonder what to do in order to prepare adequately for the final year.

When I found my self in those shoes, I actually didn’t know what to do and really didn’t do much towards preparing for the final year. Thus, the advise or strategies that I give here is more of what I wished I had done to prepare for my final year.

What to read now to prepare for the final year

There are a lot of conditions that you have been taught in school unfortunately it is not everything that you were thought that you remember. At certain points in time, you even feel that you are empty headed when it comes to particular disease condition.

First of all, I want you to understand that you are not alone. Most of my colleagues and myself felt the same way. However, you can easily get out of that position if you make up your mind to follow these guidelines that I give share with you here.

For now, start looking for various guidelines on very common conditions that you are likely to meet in any hospital that you find yourself. Read these guidelines and get a sense of what the recommendations are concerning these medications because these are the evidence you will require for your practice.

Also, during working on your patient case profiling (using the SOAPO approach) you will need to provide evidence for whatever you write down. It is usually difficult to go searching for them and finish on time when you have never tackled them before.

Hence, if you start reading them now, you can note some of them and will make your work easier and less time consuming on the time is due. I will provide links to some of these guidelines on this page so do check them out.

The final year

The final year for the doctor of pharmacy programme in Ghana consists of 6 different rotations with 5 core ones and 1 elective. Watch the video below for the exact details about the final years.

5 core rotations

  • Internal Medicine
  • Maternal health
  • Accident and Emergency
  • Child Health
  • Surgery

Elective rotations

Each student is supposed to choose one elective out of the following 4 electives

  • Mental Health
  • HIV/TB
  • Oncology
  • Ear Nose & Throat

Duration of a rotation

Each rotation will last for 6 weeks and hence you will spend 36 weeks in the whole final year. The first semester will be made up of 3 different rotations, thus 18 weeks. The second semester will also run for 18 weeks with 3 different rotations.

Approved hospitals to undertake your rotations

  • Tamale Teaching Hospital
  • Korle Bu Teaching Hospital
  • Komfo-Anokye Teaching Hospital
  • Cape Coast Teaching Hospital
  • Ho Teaching Hospital
  • Ejisu Hospital
  • 37 Military Hospital
  • Ridge Hospital

Details of the rotation

Internal Medicine


Documents to help you with your rotations

Reference books

Click the this link to download the reference books that I used and recommend for you: Reference books

Clinical Guidelines

These are some of the very common guidelines that you will need for your clinical practice. I will keep updating the list but for now, you can download what is available by clicking here.


  1. Powerpoint template for SOAPOs: click here
  2. Word document template for SOAPOs: click here
  3. A compressed file containing my soapos for all the rotations: click here

Stuffs for GPPQE

Pharmacy Jurisprudence documents: Click here to download

Part 4 & 5 of Act 857

This is an audio version of the part 4 & 5 of the Health-Professions-Regulatory-Bodies-Act ( ACT 857)

Click here to download the above audio: Pharmacy council

PSGH Constitution

Audio version of the PSGH constitution

Click here to download the above audio: PSGH Constitution

FDA (part of Public health Act – 851)

FDA part of ACT 851

Click here to download the above audio: FDA part