The True Value of Helping Others: Beyond Reciprocity

Many advocate for helping others with the caveat: because one day, you might need their assistance. This often results in selective assistance, favoring those perceived as potentially beneficial.

Those deemed incapable of reciprocation might be neglected or treated poorly. While our behaviors often stem from personal experiences or observed patterns, I’ve learned that this selective approach can be shortsighted.

I firmly believe in unconditional assistance. Why? Because I’ve witnessed the vast rewards it brings, often in unexpected ways.

Let me share a pivotal chapter from my life to illustrate this belief.

During my undergraduate years, I recall my commitment to assisting new students. Recognizing the challenges I faced in my first year, I felt compelled to alleviate these hurdles for others. With my roommates, we established the Future Developers Foundation, an on-campus NGO primarily focused on mentoring freshers.

Despite the demands on my time, I dedicated countless hours, even sacrificing personal study sessions. I had no expectations of reciprocation; I was driven solely by the desire to make a positive difference.

Ironically, that semester, despite less personal study time, I achieved my highest grades throughout my six years of study—a testament to the mysterious ways in which the universe rewards genuine efforts.

Fast forward a few years to 2022, during the ALX Software Engineering program. My approach remained the same: assist as many peers as possible. I hosted numerous coding sessions, asking for nothing in return.

Yet, the universe reciprocated in kind. Recognizing my contributions, I received one of the most significant opportunities of my life: a chance to amplify my impact while being remunerated.

I share this not as a testament to my efforts but as evidence of the unseen rewards of unconditional assistance. Today, as I reflect on my journey, my heart swells with gratitude for the numerous opportunities I’ve been given to assist others.

I’m continually driven to do more, not for reciprocity but for the intrinsic fulfillment it brings.

I urge you to adopt this mindset. Help others, not because they might reciprocate, but because it’s the right thing to do. You might be surprised at the unforeseen blessings it brings into your life.

Until tomorrow!

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