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What Are You Grateful For?

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving Day, one of the key reflections should be acknowledging the things for which you are thankful and appreciating their value in your life. Imagine if those things didn’t exist or you didn’t have access to them; what would your life be like?

Now, express gratitude to whoever is responsible for the existence, availability, or access to those things. Take a couple of minutes after reading this post to either write it down or speak it out to yourself:

I am grateful for these things…

And I am grateful to these people…

For making these exist or for granting my access to them.

This simple gratitude exercise goes a long way in helping you appreciate the good things in life. Recognizing that you have these blessings, you should also be aware that there are others who might not.

Thus, it’s a privilege to live the life you have, regardless of any challenges you face. Regularly practicing gratitude, especially when vocalizing it, provides a positive outlook on life and motivates you to overcome difficulties.

Moreover, remember that some people have contributed to the blessings for which you’re grateful. It’s equally important for you to deliberately contribute to reasons others might feel grateful, giving them a reason to celebrate Thanksgiving today.

As you engage in your gratitude exercise, also contemplate ways to add value to the lives of others.

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