What is my passion

What is your passion and how do I find it?

I don’t know what I am passionate about. How do I find my passion?

These and many more are concerns or questions that I find people asking me about. It always begins like, you are a lucky guy, you have found something that you are passionate about bla bla bla…. I used to say “May God help you find yours” to those people.

But at one point in time when I sat down to discuss this issue with someone who needed my help with finding her passion, I realized what was going wrong with most people.

Yes ooo, there is something you need to fix in order to solve this problem. What then could be wrong and how do I fix it, you ask? I will tell you but before then let me correct an erroneous perception that you may have about passions. We don’t only discover passion but we can also develop passion. You have the wrong mindset about passion if you think you have to wait until you discover your passion. Now let’s get back to what is wrong with that and how to fix it.

I found out that my friend like many other people was waiting till she discovers her passion. In fact, she just didn’t know how she was going to discover it so she was just praying about it. To my religious folks, I know you believe the deity you know can reveal your passion to you. It may be possible according to your level of faith but most times it has more to do with working towards it than just sitting around and waiting for it.

You have to do something to find your passion. So, if you are waiting to discover your passion then you are getting it all wrong. In as much as some people discover their passion, the majority of people develop their passion. I can even argue about the discovery part but I want to give those believers the benefit of the doubt. Those who say they discovered their passion were those who found their passion when they were quite young.

Aside them, almost every other person, had to work to develop their passion. Unfortunately, sometimes, you have to try a lot of different things before you finally find something you are passionate about. That is actually the process of developing your passion. When you try a number of things, you find out what you don’t like and you begin to like certain things.

After trying out a couple of things, you will eventually land on something that is made up of most of the things that you like and that is where you “discover” that you are passionate about that thing. The truth is that you were developing the passion over time just that you didn’t see much of that when you started. Hence eventually you see it as a new thing you discovered.

You have to try out new things in order to develop your passion. What new things am I talking about? It really doesn’t have to be anything specific. Don’t wait for when you feel like you should try out something. So for those of you who are yet to “discover” your passions, here is the remedy:

  • Look out for a minimum of 5 things that some people are doing that they are passionate about which catch your attention.
  • Start with the first one, and try it out for a while. In the process try noting down all the things you don’t like about it. Then document the things you like about it.
  • Go on and try the next one and do the same
  • You may develop a passion for any of them so be on the lookout for it. It may also prepare you to find what you are passionate about when you finally meet it.

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  1. Thank you, Sir.

    my question is, what if I am passionate about something that is difficult for me to learn or do?
    like me, I am passionate and interested in programming but I’ve tried my level best to understand C programming language but never get it well, as I am living in an area where I can’t access any developer who can mentor me and whom I can learn from apart from online friends who are also unable and watching some portfolios (clips) that I can ask a question and answer it directly to sanctify my need?

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