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Your First Step Is What Matters The Most

A man was promised a golden opportunity if he was to get to the apex of a very long staircase.

He  couldn’t see the end of the staircase from where he stood, thus he kept  wondering what possibly could be awaiting him at the top.

He could see the rough edges and all the scattered pieces of rocks on the staircase laid strategically  to impede his movement upwards.

He kept thinking to himself ;

What if I fall off on any of the rough edges? How will I cross these rocks? What if the promise was a  lie? How much energy do I need to reach the top? Does this staircase end?

He sighed and said to himself “I don’t want any trouble, It’s better I stay right here than to go up this creepy staircase not knowing my fate” 

He started looking for alternative ways to get to the top and also tried to ask anyone he came across if they knew what the top of the staircase looked like?

Unfortunately, different opinions were given which compounded his confusion.

Wandering down the stairs, he couldn’t find possible ways around it. He kept running in circles looking for a better option to get there but to no avail after several failed attempts.His zeal was dwindled after he was demoralized and  finally, as fed up as he was,he sat  down the stairs.

When he was asked why he was seated at the foot of the stairs, he said

“I have discovered that the top is not for me, I was made to find myself here so here I am. If the top was for me, there would have been a way for me to get there.

Why then do I have to stress myself to go after something that wasn’t made for me.”

Also, I believe God’s time is the best, if he really wants me to have this golden opportunity, it will still be waiting for me and God will send me a helper who will take me up these stairs. “

This story happens to be similar to a lot of our experiences in life. You know and believe that you are made for more, unfortunately, there’s this huge staircase on your way. There are  challenges you are facing but don’t know how that is going to be solved.

Even if you try, you don’t know how far you can go because you don’t know where the help will come from.

Then, you start looking for alternatives. You start asking people around you for ideas on how to get to the top. You listen to those who seem to be winning and they share their thoughts with you but most of them don’t seem applicable to you because your own challenges are a bit different.

You keep wandering and not ready to take that first step on the staircase ahead of you. You have all these questions on your mind that you cannot answer.

“Hmmm, what should I do now?”

“I am a bit comfortable with what I am doing now even though I wish I have a lot more than I do. Should I risk all this comfort for something that may not end well for me?”

Your zeal to continue searching for other ways starts dwindling. Your strength starts going down. The answers you get from other people who have succeeded starts demoralizing you.

You become too confused to do anything else that will take you from where you are now to the top where the gold is awaiting you.

Time and tide indeed waits for no man and a time will come when no matter what you do, you won’t be able to climb the stairs again.

Now is the opportunity to climb whatever stairs that is ahead of you. Most of the time,the challenges that you envision on your path are not really that challenging. But until you confront them, you will always feel that they are heavier than you can carry.

Just take the first step.

Then take the second one before you realize you will be at the peak of the stairs.

Take life one at a time, instead of seeing all the possible challenges that will impede you, go ahead and tackle these challenges one after the other. You will be amazed what doors open up to you.

Sometimes, all that is truly needed is for you to make the first move.

If you make the first move early and you later find that it was the wrong thing to do, you would have realized it early to divert into another path. But if you keep waiting for the perfect path before you take the first step, that perfect path may never come.

Your first step is usually what matters most, are you ready to take the first step? 

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