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A Ghanaian Can Equally Do What Other Human Beings in the World Can do

Does our country have challenges? Yes, I agree we do. Are we considered developing for lack of resourcefulness? I agree with that too.
These and many more are the things that may hold you back as a Ghanaian trying to achieve something worthwhile. However, instead of seeing these as stumbling blocks that will prevent you from achieving what you want to achieve, rather use these problems as stepping stones to get to where you want to get to.

It will be tough I know but it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve. Have you ever heard the saying “It is impossible until it is possible”? This is so true. Everything is impossible until it is possible. Meaning before someone has done it everyone else thinks it is impossible. Maybe you may be the first to achieve it so why not give it a try.

Almost every innovation or creative solution is a product of the mind (the brain if I want to be more scientific). An interesting fact is that no one has been able to prove that the Ghanaian brain is less powerful than that of other people achieving excellence in other parts of the world.

Some feats achieved by certain Ghanaians amidst all of our challenges even push me to believe that the Ghanaian brain may be more powerful than others.
You are a Ghanaian, or you stay in Ghana is no excuse for underachievement. Looking around, a lot of our folks are always looking out for the easy way to do things.

If they are not searching for the easiest way to do something then they will probably be searching for the fastest way to do it. One common search that Ghanaians do online is “what is the easiest way or fastest way to make money on the internet”. This hurts me a lot because most of them end up being scammed by other people who are intelligently using their brains.

There is a due process to everything and it’s high time we started following due process in everything we do. It may take a longer time than we expect but the results may also be lasting. One common way people make money on the internet is through blogging. A lot of people have opinions about it even though they have not tried it out.

It is difficult to do. You can’t really make much money from blogging. A blogger in Ghana? You must be joking. You can only make money from a blog in Ghana if your blog targets people in Ghana? You can’t be from Ghana and create a blog that will compete with similar blogs from the US or UK.

These and many more are the assertions that I have heard a number of Ghanaian youths interested in making money online talk about.
Fortunately, I have trained myself to love challenges and my team and I have taken this up as a challenge.

Can we create a blog that ranks and equally compete with similar ones from the US and UK?
I know we can, it may take us a while to achieve that feat but for the love of my country and wanting to prove to the average Ghanaian that you can achieve almost everything you set your mind to, I am very ready to go all the mile to achieve this.

Let this post be a reference point that people will point to when this has been achieved.

The only unfortunate thing is that we as a people do not like to support our own. Oh, this is by a Ghanaian, then don’t even waste your time on it.
If we don’t appreciate our own no one else will. We have to change our mindset and choose our own over any other because that is how the big countries always choose their own over ours (no matter how good ours is).

On that note, my team and I have launched a health and wellness blog ( to provide quality and easy-to-understand health information to the general public. We know that this is a very competitive niche dominated by bigger and well-established health institutions and the likes but we are ready to defy the odds.

However, another more important reason why we chose the health niche is that most of the content about health on the internet is not geared towards us Ghanaians and does not usually cater directly to us. Until we get one of our own, we won’t get the right kind of health content that we want. We are therefore producing content that will be relevant first to the Ghanaian and then to anybody else.

We are presenting this as a case study and will be reporting on it as often as possible so that people who are interested in venturing blogging or other online marketing kinds of stuff will take inspiration from what we do.

Let’s join forces and support our own. You can help out by:
– Visiting the blog (( regularly to get updated about health issues

– Sharing our content with your family and friends

– Sharing it on various social media platforms

– Liking and commenting on our contents when necessary

– Recommending the blog to other people

We can also dominate the health niche if we as Ghanaians come together to support this cause.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Dr. Ehoneah Obed

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