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Don’t Let Your Degree Or Current Position Limit Your Abilities

Do you remember the story of the centurion that sent messengers to Jesus to come to heal his beloved servant? 

For the sake of those of you who do not know, let me narrate what happened. This man who was a very good person and had caught the attention of the people who were around him, had one servant that he loved very well. 

But this very servant fell seriously sick and he needed to save the life of his servant because he was going to lose someone precious if he didn’t do anything about it. 
Hence, the centurion sent people to Jesus to plead with him to come and heal his bedridden servant. The messengers on reaching Jesus told him about how good and faithful this centurion has been. 

They didn’t cease mentioning his good deeds which included building a temple for the people.  After they had told Jesus, he quickly rushed to go to the centurion’s house to save his servant because of all his good deeds that were on the mouth of others. 

However, when the centurion heard that Jesus was on his way to his house, he sent forth people to Jesus with the message 

“I am not worthy that you may come to my house, just speak a word that my servant may live” 

Because of this Jesus didn’t go to his house again and even though he spoke a word to heal his servant, he missed the opportunity of meeting Jesus and who knows what other things he could have achieved having met Jesus in person. 

This is how most people are driving away their chances and especially doing less than they can actually do in life. 

Because you are in a certain position or bear a certain title does not mean you cannot do a particular thing or can’t learn to do that thing. 

I have heard on a number of occasions where people said, I can’t do this because I am not the this. 

For example, a number of nurses have said “I can’t do this because I am not the doctor”. 

You look into it and it is not something to difficult to do and they actually have the ability to do it or learn it but just because they are not the Doctor, they won’t even bother to try it out. 

I am always baffled when people ask me “Are you not a pharmacist so how come you know so much about computers and the likes?”. 

I smile and in my mind, I tell myself that my pharmacy title is not going to limit me to the practice of Pharmacy alone. If I can do it, I will learn it irrespective of my position or title. 

Don’t let your degree or current position limit your abilities. 

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