My perspective of life is summarised in this analogy.

The world is like a playing field, more of a football pitch with people playing soccer on it. God being the coach, looking down unto the field. While He takes people off the field for poor performance, He also brings in new players expecting them to come change the game for the better.

You as an individual will have to make a choice whether to play hard and make a mark for yourself. You can score goals or contribute to goals scored or prevent your opponents from scoring you wherever you find yourself on the pitch.

In the course of the game, several things can happen to you. Like getting an injury or getting tired, an opponent starting a fight with you, getting a yellow or red card and many more. Usually this set of activities determines what happens to a player. But the final say has to do with how the player reacts to it.

How serious you perceive the match to be usually determines the extent to which you will be willing to go for it. Better still the kind of tournament or trophy awaiting you serves as an inspiration. If it’s one useless tournament, you’re likely not to put in much efforts. On the other hand, if it’s a championship you long for, you will do everything possible to win the game.

Just as in any game of soccer, every player has a timeline. Whether you are taken off because of underperformance or not, you will certainly get off the pitch after a set period of time. The only different thing about life from the soccer analogy is that, we never get to see the end of the game. Maybe, someday, some people may, but for now, everyone at a point in time will be taken off the pitch.

This, therefore, goes to confirm the fact that we are all created for a purpose in life. As diverse as our purpose on earth may be, this analogy works for everyone. So, the point from this is that, you were brought on to replace someone who was underperforming. As such, if you do not play your best, you will also be eliminated even before your time.

One important thing to consider, is whether you would want to be considered as an achiever or a loser. Knowing that, at any point in time, one can be taken off the pitch, we have no choice than to do our best.

When you are taken off the pitch, can you pinpoint something you achieved?

Can you say, it was because of you that something was done successfully?

What impart did you made?

What will you be remembered for?

How bad will you feel if they replayed your part for you?

What different thing will you do if you were given the chance again?

The unfortunate thing is that, not so many people are conscious about this perspective of life. Now that you are, I want us to do something together. Hope you are ready for it?

Think about your life and give honest answers to these.

How many years have you spent on the pitch so far?

What are your achievements so far?

Irrespective of your age, or financial circumstances, or environmental conditions, there is something unique you can bring on board. That is what I want to inspire you to think about. What can you do now, despite all your challenges?

Don’t live your life as if, there is nothing at stake. Remember the coach is watching you and ready to make a substitute if you don’t do well. He knows best what you can offer and is expecting you to play that role. If you weren’t well equipped for the position, he surely wouldn’t have placed you there.

Start making a difference because you can.

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  1. lovely piece. i really enjoyed every bit of it. In fact, it is very inspirational and pregnant with lessons. You don’t know, you might be inspiring me or another. keep writing.

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